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  • Introduction
  • 1. Advance Care Planning
  • 2. Communicating Bad News
  • 3. Whole Patient Assessment
  • 4. Pain Management
  • 5. Assisted Suicide Debate
  • 6. Anxiety, Delirium
  • 7. Goals of Care
  • 8. Sudden Illness
  • 9. Medical Futility
  • 10. Common Symptoms
  • 11. Withholding Treatment
  • 12. Last Hours of Living
  • 13. Cultural Issues
  • 14. Religion, Spirituality
  • 15. Legal Issues
  • 16. Social and Psychological
  • More About:

  • Hospice Care
  • Clergy and Faith Communities
  • Additional Links
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    Downloadable Documents

    This page contains links to all downloadable documents available on the site. Files are in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat format) or PPT (PowerPoint format). Any file with the .PDF extension requires Abobe Acrobat Reader

    Introduction and Background
    introduction.pdf   End of Life in America
    role.pdf   Role of Hospice, Palliative Care
    models.pdf   Models for Care

    Module 1: Advance Care Planning
    terminology.pdf   Advance Care Planning Terminology
    steps.pdf   Five Steps for Successful Advance Care Planning
    application.pdf   Advance Care Planning Complementary Application
    scripts.pdf   Advance Care Planning Discussion Scripts
    exercise.pdf   Advance Care Planning Exercise
    reimbursement.pdf   Reimbursement Mechanisms
    module1.pdf   Module 1: Advance Care Planning
    module1.ppt   Module 1: Advance Care Planning (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 2: Communicating Bad News
    protocol.pdf   A Six Step Protocol to Communicate Bad News
    situations.pdf   Using the Six Step Protocol in Other Situations
    module2.pdf   Module 2: Communicating Bad News
    module2.ppt   Module 2: Communicating Bad News (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 3: Whole Patient Assessment
    dimensions.pdf   Whole-Patient Assessment: Nine Dimensions
    scale.pdf   Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale
    form.pdf   Brief Pain Inventory (Short Form)
    module3.pdf   Module 3: Whole Patient Assessment
    module3.ppt   Module 3: Whole Patient Assessment (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 4: Pain Management
    part_one.pdf   Part I: Principles of Pain Management
    part_two.pdf   Part II: Equianalgesic Dosing
    table.pdf   Part II: Equianalgesic Doses of Opioid Analgesics
    part_three.pdf   Part III: Adjuvants, Adverse Effects, Barriers
    morphine.pdf   Morphine Dosing
    examples.pdf   Case Examples
    medtables.pdf   Medical Tables
    curves.pdf   Pharmacologic Dosing Curves After a Single Opioid Use
    ladder.pdf   WHO 3-Step Ladder
    module4.pdf   Module 4: Pain Management
    module4.ppt   Module 4: Pain Management (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 5: Physician Assissted Suicide Debate
    facts.pdf   Important Facts about Physician-Assisted Suicide
    protocol.pdf   How to Respond to Requests for Physician-Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia
    module5.pdf   Module 5: Physician Assisted Suicide Debate
    module5.ppt   Module 5: Physician Assisted Suicide Debate (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 6: Anxiety, Delirium, Depression
    symptoms.pdf   Symptoms of Anxiety, Delirium, Depression
    management.pdf   Assessment and Management of Anxiety, Delirium, Depression
    medtables.pdf   Medication Tables
    module6.pdf   Module 6: Anxiety, Delirium, Depression
    module6.ppt   Module 6: Anxiety, Delirium, Depression (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 7: Goals of Care
    introduction.pdf   Goals of Care: Introduction
    how.pdf   How to Negotiate Goals of Care
    module7.pdf   Module 7: Goals of Care
    module7.ppt   Module 7: Goals of Care (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 8: Sudden Illness
    principles.pdf   Seven Guiding Principles
    module8.pdf   Module 8: Sudden Illness
    module8.ppt   Module 8: Sudden Illness (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 9: Medical Futility
    definitions.pdf   Definitions of Medical Futility
    issues.pdf   Approaching Issues of Medical Futility
    module9.pdf   Module 9: Medical Futility
    module9.ppt   Module 9: Medical Futility (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 10: Common Physical Symptoms
    guidelines.pdf   General Management Guidelines
    symptoms.pdf   Specific Symptoms
    consequences.pdf   Intended vs. Unintended Consequences
    treatment.pdf   Treatment of Selected Underlying Causes of Breathlessness
    module10.pdf   Module 10: Common Physical Symptoms
    module10.ppt   Module 10: Common Physical Symptoms (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 11: Withholding/Withdrawing Treatment
    protocol.pdf   8-step Protocol to Discuss Withholding or Withdrawing Therapy
    applications.pdf   Three Applications
    cases.pdf   Cases for Role Play
    information.pdf   Information for Patients/Families
    module11.pdf   Module 11: Withholding/Withdrawing Treatment
    module11.ppt   Module 11: Withholding/Withdrawing Treatment (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 12: Last Hours of Living
    preparing.pdf   Preparing for the Last Hours of Life
    part_one.pdf   Part I: Physiological Changes and Symptom Management During the Dying Process
    part_two.pdf   Part II: Part II: When Death Occurs
    part_three.pdf   Part III: Loss, Grief, and Coping
    module12.pdf   Module 12: Last Hours of Living
    module12.ppt   Module 12: Last Hours of Living (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 13: Cultural Issues
    anticipating.pdf   Tools for Anticipating Cultural Needs
    diagnosing.pdf   Tools for Diagnosing and Mediating Cultural Misunderstandings
    identifying.pdf   Tools for Identifying Cultural Resources in Your Community

    Module 14: Religion, Spirituality, and End of Life Care
    part_one.pdf   Part I: How to Assess Spirituality
    part_two.pdf   Part II: Spiritual Care at End of Life: Common Needs and Goals
    part_three.pdf   Part III: Spiritual Pain/Spiritual Suffering
    part_four.pdf   Part IV: Basic Skills and Techniques in Providing Spiritual Care
    part_five.pdf   Part V: Considering World Religions in End of Life Care

    Module 15: Legal Issues
    legal.pdf   Legal Issues
    module15.pdf   Module 15: Legal Issues
    module15.ppt   Module 15: Legal Issues (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    Module 16: Social and Psychological Considerations
    understanding.pdf   Understanding the Psychological and Social Experience of a Dying Person
    grief.pdf   Grief of the Dying Person and Survivors
    considerations.pdf   Special Considerations for Families
    caring.pdf   Caring for Oneself as a Health Care Professional

    More About
    hospice.pdf   Hospice Care
    communities.pdf   Clergy and Faith Communities